Meet The Team


Kyle Gamble

Kyle set up the business back in 2011, having qualified as an electrician the year before and been made redundant from his first job just 10 days later… Something that he now looks back on as a genuine blessing in disguise.

Enthusiasm, innovation and attention to detail is at the root of everything Kyle does; whether it is preparing his new house for the arrival of his new baby, setting the standards for his staff to work by, or designing a new tool that will be of massive value to tradespeople everywhere (watch this space).

Growing up in St Albans, Kyle has been a Watford supporter all his life and still likes to get over and watch the Hornets whenever time allows. Alongside football, his early life was full of outdoor activities (camping, rock climbing and adventure) as his family were heavily involved in organising Scouts events. This lighted up a passion for exploration within Kyle which has seen him travel throughout the USA, Europe and South America. 



Conor Simmons

Conor was the first apprentice employed by KG Electrical and is enjoying learning the wires. He lives in Watford as part of a large family; two brothers, two sisters and a half-brother, but loves the fact that being the youngest he is also the tallest of them all… His extended family live in Clacton-on-Sea which is a great excuse to go for a visit and a quick holiday from time to time.

Describing himself as ‘chilled and laid back’ Conor enjoys watching and playing football and getting outside to take his dogs for a walk. And just as he stands head and shoulders above his family, his dogs couldn’t be more different from each other either. He has a Bull Mastiff and an overweight Whippet, although both can still move pretty quick when they want to...





Dan McGovern

Dan has been a qualified electrician for two decades and still loves his job. But, as they say, ‘you can take the boy out of the countryside, but you can’t take the countryside out of the boy’, and he will always be happier in a flat cap and wellies. Growing up he worked on a pig farm and his passion for rural life is still as alive as ever. When not working hard for KG Electrical, providing light, heat and safety for his customers, he can be found shooting game birds and enjoying other country pursuits.

His passion for shooting is matched by his love of the land including country foods and walking his dogs (a Brittany Spaniel and a Black Labrador), around Woburn Estates. Dan’s wife and three children (fourth on the way) are equally at home in their beautiful Bedfordshire house, enjoying the simple things in life and the great outdoors. Although with the new arrival he does think that he might soon need a bigger telly.




Chad Lamb

Chad is the latest addition to the team and, as an apprentice, he shares his time between learning about electricity at college and practicing his skills alongside one of KG Electrical’s finest. A Hemel lad ‘born and bred’ he can often be seen out and about on his bike, cycling all around the area. But for him it is not just biking for biking’s sake… Chad is serious about the sport.

He enjoys hitting the road on two wheels but is happiest when hurtling down the side of a mountain or steep hill on his trials bike. It is not a sport for the faint-hearted, but then neither is his other sporting passion - watching Spurs.

Chad is loving learning his trade at KG Electrical and is looking forward to becoming a fully qualified sparky soon. 






Prince is the company’s mascot, although he tends to think of himself more along the lines of its most important member of staff. To him a good days work would include hiding some of Kyle’s tools, de-insulating an insulated screwdriver and going missing for a few minutes every now and then…

In his spare time (when he is not carrying out his important company duties of hiding things) Prince loves nothing better that to bark loudly at strangers or friends alike. This noisiness is then followed by a bout of licking, cuddling and general over-excitedness. You will                                       recognise Prince whenever he is present on a job because of his cute little KG Electrical coat and his tendency to eat any unattended                                           Chicken McNuggets in the vicinity.