This is no LED balloon…

Posted: 07/12/2015

…But the inevitable future, here today!


Less than twenty years ago, most people believed that an aerial and five channels could give them all the news and entertainment they could ever wish for. We had total faith in the unchangeable nature of the great institution of terrestrial television. But today, every house is filled with more channels than I can count and we’ve accepted the onslaught of technology like it was the most natural thing in the world.


Well, the same thing is happening in the world of lighting today. It may be a more subtle switch of illumination within our homes than the entertainment boxes which we stream into our living rooms. But LED is here today and here to stay. It is significantly better than its archaic predecessor. It is brighter, there is more variety and it can be used in every room in the house. In fact, the only difference between this technological revolution and the TV one is that switching to LED lights will actually save you money (not cost more and then forever be tempting you to upgrade).


The main reason that our homes will soon be forced into taking a better option (one that will save up to 90% off our energy bills) is that European Legislation started banning the manufacture of 40-watt bulbs for residential use in September 2012. This action follows the 100-watt ban in 2009 and the 60-watt ban in 2011. Just like with cable TV, it is inevitable that everyone will change eventually and I can promise you that this is one bright innovation that will save you money too… Why wait? 

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