How to manage your fairy lights this Christmas!

Posted: 15/12/2015

How to manage your fairy lights this Christmas!


It is that time of year again when the box of decorations is retrieved from the loft, or from above the cupboard in the spare room. In amongst the tinsel, the baubles, the stars, garlands, glitter and gloss you will find your fairy lights.


As you gingerly plug them in, perhaps expecting the worst, one of two things will happen. It may be that they all light up wonderfully, bringing a smile to your face and the thought of sparkles on the big day a little closer. But more likely, there will be no light at all, an unlit section or a single bulb that has gone. Let me deal with each scenario in turn.


No light at all: this is as likely to be the fuse as it is any single bulb. So try changing that first. If there is still no light at all, then you have probably got a set of lights on a series circuit and you will need a bulb tester to find out which one (or ones) are faulty.


A section remains unlit: some sets of lights have multiple circuits so if one bulb is faulty in a section it will simply narrow down your search for the culprit (dodgy bulb).


One bulb is not working: simple really – just replace that one with a new one.


Remember, it may not even be that the bulb has blown… sometimes merely going through and tightening them all up will do the job. If you have any problems or want some advice, then please give me a shout as I’m always happy to help out if I can. Merry Christmas J 

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