What has electricity and netball got in common?

Posted: 18/01/2016

What has electricity and netball got in common?

As with all sport, the real deciding factor is passion. So often you see games where the best side loses out to the one that believes most, has a greater desire to win and plays as a unified team (rather than as individuals).

Electricity is much the same. You can set up wonderful formations and design circuits and passages of play that will light up any stadium, but in the end, you need the electricity. It is the passion within the current which gives the energy to power any machine.


The 2016 season promises to be electric

That is why I have picked the Hertfordshire Mavericks as the team that KG Electrical are going to sponsor for the coming season. As a team, they hit all the right notes and have the perfect combination of attack, defence, pass and move. But most importantly of all they display true passion. After last season when the team came so close to picking up the ultimate prize I’m looking forward to seeing another super-charged effort next time and maybe going one better.

With new signings added to the core strength of last year’s amazing team, the girls can set their sights on the Netball Superleague Grand Final again and make it their own.

Here at KG Electrical, we are really excited to be a part of the journey with the Mavericks and hope that our little contribution and massive support can add that extra boost of power needed to take the club to the top.


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