Question from a Hertfordshire Maverick supporter..

Posted: 25/01/2016

Why does it cost £70 to change a lightbulb?

Well, I would like to claim that the style and panache with which we change the lightbulb is worthy of the price alone and is the envy of ordinary electricians all over the world. But the real reason is somewhat simpler. In fact, it has nothing to do with the lightbulb at all. It is the cost of getting one of our highly qualified, fully equipped and ‘dedicated to customer service’ electricians to your premises that adds up. Of course, once on site, we can perform a whole range of electrical fixes, checks and installations to make the visit more worthwhile.


So where is the efficiency?

As I implied before, KG Electrical is all about giving you access to safe power in the home or office. We expect our electricians to look after you, our customers, to the highest possible standards, so we supply them with the best of everything. Their training is second-to-none, their equipment is first class, their uniform is neat and tidy and their vans are new (and should be clean at all times). We also train each electrician to be courteous, tidy and ready to go the extra mile to make sure you are fully powered-up and totally safe. The reality is that you are paying for so much more than a lightbulb.


Is there a lower cost option?

Yes, of course! Sometimes you can save yourself an invoice, and a visit from one of our lovely, friendly electricians, simply by giving the office a call. It may be that we are able to help you over the phone. Now, safety is always our primary concern and we are very conscious of not asking you to do anything that needs a trained electrician. But sometimes just a visual check on a few things can save you a call out and get you live again.

(This post was written in response to a question from a Hertfordshire Mavericks supporter. So if you have any questions or balls that need netting – please get in touch – Kyle)    

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