Staying safe from electrical dangers in the home

Posted: 22/02/2016

Staying safe from electrical dangers in the home

If you think of all the things that electricity can do, you would have to conclude that it is one of the most important things in our lives today. It powers our lights, heating, cooking, gadgets, smartphones, even some of our cars and much more. But, because of its power, it is also potentially one of the most dangerous things around us – especially within the home.

Most (it should be all) electrical things that you buy for your house have to pass strict safety tests before being made available for public sale. But all the safety in the world can’t cater for human error or carelessness.

So here are my top tips for electrical safety at home:

1. Bathroom!

Never take electrical devices into the bathroom! Contact between water and electricity will damage the device and can give you a nasty shock – or worse!

Always dry your hands thoroughly before touching switches or unplugging electrical devices from the wall! Wet hands could connect you to a seriously large shock!

2. Living Room and Bedroom!

Don’t let leads trail across the floor. Not only could you trip up the lead, but the force might also cause wires to become unattached or damaged inside the plug or cable. This could cause a shock or damage your device.

Be careful leaving too many devices plugged in when not in use. Electricity creates heat and while most modern devices are safe, there is always a risk of fire. So be aware! 

3. The Kitchen!

Do not stick metal objects into the toaster when the toast gets stuck! You will get a nasty shock if you do!

Keep leads and the things that they sending power to away from the cooker. Melted wires can expose the powerful charges within them!

And finally! Most of this is common sense and accidents tend to be caused by forgetfulness and lapses of concentration… So my best advice is simply to be careful! 

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