A day in the life of a KG electrician.

Posted: 15/07/2016

It was just another ordinary day for KG Electrical electrician Dan and his apprentice Connor as they arrived at a 1960’s house in St Albans to rewire the kitchen. I say ‘another ordinary day’ but in reality, no two days are the same for a busy, conscientious electrician looking after domestic and commercial customers in Hertfordshire.

Beware of the roaring sixties…

Today was a particularly interesting one because, although it was not the worst wiring Dan had ever seen, it was pretty close. As was often the case fifty years ago, before there were any electrical safety regulations to guide electricians, what he discovered there would only be described as criminal by today’s standards. Amidst the spaghetti of wires, many of them seemingly going nowhere, he found one of the main power cables stretched diagonally across a wall, where it had then been simply plastered over and forgotten! Imagine if someone, during the five decades that followed had decided to put up some new cupboards or hang a picture on that wall…

In Dan and Connor’s life, as with all the KG Electrical team, they don’t see problems, just solutions; and whatever the day presents them with, they happily embrace and get to work. The day before the kitchen calamity, they had been rewiring the lighting in a block of communal flats; and tomorrow, they’ll be fitting some designer radiators. Life is never dull: in fact, they spend most of their time lighting up their customers’ lives.

No end to their talents and no limit to their commitment to service.

Some of the other jobs that The A-Team (Dan and Connor) regularly undertake include new build wiring, RCDs, fuse boards, IT and telephony, power sockets, lighting, external supply, audio visual, garden lighting and anything else you can think of that requires electricity.

Whether the job is large or small, KG Electrical can cope. If you call for some help, maybe you’ll get Dan and Connor, maybe it’ll be one of the other teams, or if it is a really big project you could get to meet the whole crew at once. 

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