People make the connection

Posted: 23/08/2016

I’ve been posting short blogs on the website for about nine months now, and it has taught me a lot. It was initially done as a marketing and education exercise: trying to get Google’s attention while sharing a few top tips about electrical issues at home and in the office. What I have realised during that time is that in the same way electricity (my business) connects power to devices, looking after my customers (my real business) connects people with services. You see, it is not about what you do, or even how qualified you are; it is the level of care and connection which counts.

People buy people

This idea was made evident from one of last month’s posts ‘A day in the life of a KG Electrician’ which generated hundreds of views, shares and likes. I was curious as to why that one was so popular and after speaking to a few people this is what I learned…

It is important when dealing with something as powerful and potentially dangerous as electricity to be fully qualified (which we absolutely are – of course), but it is trust, friendship and genuine care which generates the biggest charge. If you missed the post, you can read it here (Click Here) and get a bit of an insight into the story of a typical day at KG Electrical. People really do love other people’s stories J

Pass on the power…

People are basically a whole bunch of chemicals, run by an electrical charge, housed in a physical body, with a little bit of magic thrown in (spirit, soul or whatever you want to call it). We are alive and can spread our life-force to others just like electricity.

So why not go out of your way to spread a smile today, share a story, show some interest in someone else’ life, be an inspiration or simply make the world around you a better place.

Thanks for reading – Kyle. 

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