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Posted: 09/09/2016

Transition from the Sky to Terra Firma

Sunday 28th August saw one of our brave KG electricians swap his voltmeter and wire strippers for a parachute and a prayer. Dan McGovern had been inspired by a conversation with fellow BNI member, Ron Overton, who was looking for people show support for his charity Transitions UK by jumping out of a plane. With a brother-in-law who is affected by Asperger's syndrome, Dan is familiar with the very real needs of many young people today with similar conditions.

In a moment of crazy bravery, Dan said ‘yes’ (a skydive had always been one of those things he’d thought he might like to try one day), and he was committed. So much so that by the time the day of descent came around he had very nearly forgotten all about it.


What luck! 13 first-timers dive from 13,000 feet…

Proudly wearing his KG Electrical colours and logo shirt he gathered in a small briefing room with the other volunteers. All 13 of them waited nervously: some showing it openly, others trying to look tough and mean, while Dan just looked aimlessly and wondered if this had been such a good idea after all. The group was then separated into three smaller groups and led off to get ready: as the anticipation became almost tangible in the air. Dan was soon introduced to Mark, the man in whose hands (or his harness at least) he was about to entrust his life.

Clearly, Mark had been doing this a long time and had accumulated the usual array of unwelcome, premeditated wit, ready for each new first-timer. This included the quip about only having checked three of the four connection points when asked by Dan as the plane’s doors opened at 13,000 feet. Firmly strapped together (Mark had been joking) they moved towards the open door and sat on the edge, feet dangling into the cloud-bottomed nothingness below. Just as he had been instructed, Dan crossed his arms and hoped not to die! Then without so much as a 1-2-3, Mark launched them both into the open air and down…


A freefall lands Transitions a windfall…

For 7,000 feet at 126mph they fell, through the clouds and out the other side: and for Dan, it was not so much ‘breath-taking’ as ‘life-giving’. Perspective grabbed hold of him for those glorious 50 seconds before the parachute opened and as he began to float gently to the ground, he decided never to be the same again.

Dan’s exploits have already raised money for Transitions UK – but not nearly enough. Yes, we live in a world where there are people asking for donation everywhere we go, and it is impossible to support them all. But what Dan learned on his first skydiving adventure (there will be others) was that without instruction, encouragement, support and love some people simply wouldn’t know how to survive the fall. They ‘need’ our help!

Transitions UK helps to support young people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Not just with money and a place to live, but by opening the door to opportunities and life-giving experiences which might just change their lives forever.


Help someone in need soar today and sponsor Dan’s freefall: 

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