We are the champions… my friends!

Posted: 18/05/2017

We are the champions… my friends!

Last year I started sponsoring the Harpenden Harriers Under 11s, a local boys football team. Even back then, early in the season, I had a feeling I’d backed a winner: there was just something about the hunger and ambition in their eyes. My faith (although to be fair, it is the taking part that counts) was rewarded as the team topped the Mid Herts Rural Minors League – Red Division, and finished as champions. Well done lads!


Some lessons from the lads…

I’d like to think that the KG Electrical logo decorating the team’s shirts gave them that extra spark to top the table, but the reality is that it was all down to their skill, belief and determination.

Sport is always a good place to find analogies for business and life. When you hit the heights of success, it seems everyone who you ever had any contact with wants to be your friend, get involved and share in the victory. On the other hand, if things take a turn for the worse, you find close friends fading to mere acquaintances and life can get very lonely. 

The lesson here is that ‘you’ are the common denominator, whatever happens, and you are the one person whose actions and determination you can use 100% of the time. So, whether you are the top of the table or in a relegation battle: keep your head, stay focused on the moment, and keep fighting like a champion. The support or sponsorship of others is only ever a ‘nice to have’ extra.


A final thought…

As an electrician, I am in the business of lighting up other people’s worlds. This is a reminder, to me at least, that being there for others is important; and that our friends deserve our support and brightness – whatever situation they find themselves in (win, lose or draw). 

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